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The Most Popular Lost-wax Resin For Investment Casting,by Rich-opto
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Name:The most popular Lost-wax Resin for investment casting,by rich-opto

Lost wax casting has been around for over 5,000 years. However, 3D printing is changing the game for jewelers and dentists. Lower priced, high quality 3D printers and castable resins are opening the door for additive manufacturing in these fields.
In the past, subtractive manufacturing (carving or CNC milling) was common for making models for lost wax casting or other types of mold making. Now jewelers and dentists have more options and are saving time and money by investing in 3D printing.

Castable Resin allows you to print in Fine Detail, with a material created specifically for direct investment casting. This resin burns out cleanly with no ash or residue, making it perfect for jewelry.

Fine Detail Print Settings
These settings are available when using Castable Resin These settings were optimized for printing jewelry, with a focus on achieving the features and detail that matter to jewelers. For the majority of designs, printing with the 50 micron layer height provides the best results and superior print speeds. The following table suggests when you may want to choose 50 or 25 micron layer height settings respectively.

Application areas
Jewelry industry
Dental industry

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